Buy Now Titanium Ring, Christian JESUS FISH , Honor Christ, Free Sizing 4-17

This is a USA made comfort fit band that is custom made to order with Aerospace Grade Titanium! This 8mm wide ring features milled Jesus Fish Designs. This rings quality is unmatched! We have a Lifetime Guarantee! Be sure to contact one our knowledgeable jewelry sales associates for details


  • I have a beautiful platinum wedding band but now that I’m in my fifties and have some arthritis in my hands, that platinum band was just starting to feel uncomfortable. The weight of it, which was a selling point (we won’t say how many years ago) was bothering my hand so I looked around and found this ring and asked my husband to get me this for our anniversary. It’s twice as wide as the platinum band, so I went to a jeweler to get my finger sized. Oddly enough, the ring size the jeweler told me turned out to be a size too big when this ring arrived. That works, though, because my hands swell in the heat and I used to have to take the platinum band off my ring finger and put it on my pinky. I can wear this ring on my middle finger and switch it to my ring finger when my hands swell. Perfect!
    The ring itself is 8 mm wide and 2 mm thick. It doesn’t look bulky, though, because the edges are a bit thinner. The inside is comfort fit. The design is subtle but clear-cut and a wonderful expression of my Christian faith. Best of all, it’s very light. It almost feels like a plastic ring and I can barely feel it on my hand.
  • Been wearing it for 8 years as a wedding ring. I work with my hands so I have to clean it with a toothbrush now and then, but it isn’t damaged, discolored, or corroded by salts, acids, or other grime. Gold rings get damaged by those things. One even became oval shaped from an impact with a heavy object. No worries with this one. Be sure to take it off where it could become a safety risk. I’m very proud and pleased with it.
  • This thing is a daily ware for me. Yes, it can scratch, so don’t expect it to stay perfect. But it’s a beautiful, well made ring for a great price. You can barely see scratches on it when they inevitably will happen. It’s a great price

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