Buy Now SEPTEMBER Birth Month Silver Claddagh Ring LS-SL90-9 – Size: 5 Made in Ireland.

From Design to Final Polish SL90 Birth Month series are the best quality Birth Month Claddagh rings we feature in our store. Sterling Silver Ladies Birth Month Claddagh Ring. This is an authentic Irish Claddagh Ring made by master artisans.


  • Even though I had to send this product back I was really impressed with this ring. I bought it as a gift but she had two of the same type of ring. I already had one so I decided to send it back. The quality is excellent and it was beautiful on the hand. I may order this sometime again in the future if my ring does not keep its’ quality.
  • She loved it. Thanks. If something changes I’ll let you know.
  • This is a beautiful ring, well crafted, and lucky they had my size (small hands).
  • Amazing ring and I love it๐Ÿ’•
  • This is made very well. It is a beautiful ring that really shines. Very authentic. Packaging is nicely done and rarely need to clean the ring, it stay bright and beautiful even through everyday wear.
  • I absolutely love this ring. I’ve always wanted a Claddagh ring, but could never find “the one”. This one is perfect. I wear it on my middle/ring finger depending on my mood. Fits like a charm.

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