Buy Now Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Celebrity “Angelina” Ring made with Cubic Zirconia, Size 5

Celebrity themed Engagement Ring fit for a princess! Dazzling Emerald-Cut Sparkler to add some Hollywood Glamour to your wedding ring finger or to wear as a statement piece on your right hand.


  • Please ignore my wrinkly old hands, but take in the beauty of this ring! I took several photos so you could see the fire from this stone. Photoshop was not used. They were taken single handed with my Moto X Pure in the house, right out of the box, except for the last photo. That one is a photo of the real Angelina ring on the left and the Amazon ring on the right. Her side of the comparison photo is from the web. My side was taken outside. I didn’t even clean the ring before taking the photos. Not sure how to prove if the ring is really platinum plated sterling. I suppose time will tell. For the price, this is the best “Angelina” engagement ring I have found. Hers, I believe, is set in Yellow or Rose Gold, and cost just a little more – like about five thousand times more!!! LOL!!! Hey, I’m so pleased I will probably buy another. Just wish I could get it in a 4 or 4.5. Go ahead, treat yourself to this stunning piece of jewelry! It’s worth every penny.
  • Very pretty. Sparkles just like my own emerald cut diamond ring when held side by side. My ring came with a hangtag stating it was made from Swarovski elements. Because the band is wide I ordered up 1 size and it fits perfectly. This sparkler is of great quality and has a believable weight/heft to it. However, it’s just too large of a setting for me to get used to. I can see wearing this on my right hand as a fun cocktail ring at a fancy dress-up event. The stones are too huge to be believable in an everyday setting as a wedding or engagement ring, I don’t care who you are. Unless you pull up in a new Maserati and are wearing the latest Chanel, I wouldn’t believe for a second that this ring is real. If you don’t care about that, then go for it. You won’t be disappointed with its sparkle and shine.

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