Original Source Gem Avenue 925 Sterling Silver Turqouise Celtic Southwestern Style 6mm Band

Rare and exceptional, this silver band ring features Celtic knots and Southwestern Style for a medley of designs all in one. The definitive ring for the worldly type or anyone who just appreciates traditional design with a modern twist. This impeccable band is made from .925 sterling silver fashioned into Celtic knots and exceptional turquoise inlays make the ring come alive. The ring measures 6mm wide and can be worn on a daily basis.The ring will be shipped in a FREE gift box, perfect for surprising that special someone.our source for unique sterling silver jewelry on the cheap


  • My husband is part American Indian and I am part Irish. I didn’t know if we would be able to find wedding rings that combined both of those elements. We were both so pleased when we found these that we couldn’t wait to order them. The price was extremely affordable too. We continue to get lots of admiring looks and compliments on our “unusual” rings. They are good and sturdy and we both love the turquoise inlay. I give the ring 5 stars. The only reason I might not tell everyone about where I got them is so they all don’t end up wearing them!
  • I bought 2 rings: one for me and one for my husband. We both have big hands, but the rings look beautiful. The metal is a little harder than the 9.25 silver, and the turquoise color is dark blue. We both love our rings, not only because or their meaning (the celtic knot means “eternity”), but for the beautiful work in this piece of jewelry.
  • I love this ring. It looks nice, fits true to size, and is very sturdy. I’m very rough on my rings as I work with my hands a lot and lift a lot of heavy things. I’ve worn this ring for years, and there’s not even a scratch on it. Still looks as good as the day I bought it.
  • i love it i love it i love it I have to say that the picture on the web does not do this ring justice. The ring is stunning in person and every bit as detailed in its art.This is an excellent seller and to be taken at their word when they describe a product.
    its real Worthy

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