Buy Now Solid 14k Yellow Gold 0.7mm Thin Rope Chain (16 inch)

This elegant casual necklace showcases the absolute gleam of lustrous yellow gold. A must for every stylish wardrobe. Elegant yellow gold rope is beautiful worn solo, or displaying a favorite pendant.


  • Exactly what I was looking for.. Very thin, dainty, not too shiny, barely there, feminine gold chain that’s perfect for when you want the pendant to take center stage! Or for when you have a pendant that’s too loud/busy and you want to tone it down. Good chain, good price. Length of the chain in picture is 16inch.
  • Got this for a small pearl pendant. Looks very nice and holds the pendant without breaking. Did have some knot trouble earlier, but took care of it with a pair of jewlers tweezers, a helping-hands magnifying glass, and an hour of patience (all from amazon but that last one).
    Be warned, it is a very small clasp. So small i couldn’t believe it was an actual moving part (spring loaded?) which opens when you squeeze the small nub of a lever. Man-hands will struggle with this.
  • I love this necklace. It is perfect to use with a pendant because it is subtle. The thinness of the chain is exactly what I needed , the rose color perfect, and I have been wearing it often to verify it looks good and wears well.

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