Buy Now You Are The One Designer Jewelry Twinkling Heart Collection Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

The central stone is set in a pendant that contains a heart and a hanging “water drop”. The drop is accented with 13 smaller CZ stones along its outline, and decorated with a wave pattern on both sides. The look of the necklace delivers a clear message of deep love – “You Are the One”, whom my soul truly loves.
The chain of the necklace is a ripple chain, 18” long, perfect length for showing off a V-neck and to highlight the face. It is also durable and long lasting, and won’t break when a baby pulls on it. You’ll love how it looks and enjoy how it feels laying beautifully on the neck.


  • Pearl of Dream “You are the One” necklace is exquisite! I took some macro photographs for a close up look at the rhinestones’ clarity. Many jewelers advertise their necklaces as Sterling silver where the pendant is sterling silver, but the chain is not. In my photos you will see the 925 stamp on both the chain clasp and the pendant. The stones are very clear and reflect the light beautifully! The stones are also securely attached in their settings, including the large rhinestone in the middle.
    The necklace is timeless and is the perfect gift for a lady of any age! This is absolutely gorgeous!
    Given sample to test and return my personal honest opinion. I have not promised a high ranking nor spoke with anyone about my review before posting.
  • this is exactly what was needed for my partner, it said it all for me,
    better than a thousand words including the red roses
    I will be back for more and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending buying jewelry here
    might I suggest you consider doing a longer chain as per request or consider doing chain extensions
    your chain is quite lovely but when I have to purchase an extension
    I find it difficult matching the quality of the extension chain to the quality of the original chain,
    it`s only a small quibble but in matters of her heart`s delight it becomes very important
    always a pleasure doing business here
  • This necklace is really gorgeous. It is beautifully finished on the sides and in the back. The back is signed by the maker. The stones glitter like crazy. The sparkly chain complements the piece very nicely. Very pleased with this purchase. Have a question for the maker, though
  • I bought this for myself and was very happy with the purchase. It arrived in a timely fashion. When I opened the box, I was so happy! The pendant is beautiful with the moving stone. The stone is beautiful with lots of sparkles and the chain is durable. Looks like a much more expensive piece of jewelry! Beautiful!!

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