Buy Now 925 Sterling Silver Puppy Paw Heart Diffuser Necklace Locket with 10 Refill Pads on 18 inch Silver Chain

Research tells us that memory, emotions and physical health can be remarkably affected by aromatherapy.The benefits of using plant derived oils can be further enhanced when positive affirmations are associated with those aromas, an effect we call “Affirmatherapy.”Use this aromatherapy locket with your favorite Affirmation Oil.Simply open the magnetic closure and add 3-5 drops of oil to one of the cotton pads. With eyes closed, inhale slowly and recall your positive affirmation. Scent will last throughout the day.


  • I really love this necklace! It is very easy to put the little pad in with your oil scent since there is a magnetic closure to the diffuser part. The length of the chain that comes with it is the perfect length so you get the benefit of being able to smell the oil throughout the day. And the doggie print on it sealed the deal for me; I’ve not found other diffusers like it.
  • I love it and I am going to order another! The people were great to work with!
  • I LOVE this necklace! Wear it every day!
  • I received this necklace in only a few days. It is beautiful! The heart is smaller than expected, but perfect for my daughter. It has a delicate look to it and not bulky. I would purchase it again… for myself!

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