Buy Now 10k Yellow Gold 1.35mm Solid Singapore Chain Necklace, 20″

10k yellow gold classic singapore necklace Necklace finished with spring ring clasp Perfect chain for your favorite charm or collectible


  • This is exactly what I wanted, only I didn’t know it! In spite of the reviews that should have clued me in, this necklace really is incredibly thin and delicate-looking; I was expecting something a tad heftier. But it is absolutely gorgeous, and just what I wanted to wear around my neck all the time, whether or not I’m wearing another necklace in addition. Several people here have commented on how “sparkly” it is: it looks like a line of light around your throat, subtle, hardly there, but definitely present. I love it. It seems sturdy, I’ve worn it ever since I got it 5 days ago, shower, bed, etc. I have short hair, so that hasn’t been a problem, might if I had long hair. Another reason to wear it all the time is that the ring clasp is tiny; I’m pretty good with such things, but am not enthusiastic about taking this off and putting it back on very often…
    I want to add that the double presentation box it comes in is extremely impressive, but a little crazy with a piece of jewelry this size: the necklace would be completely dwarfed by a box a quarter the size. I guess it’s the thought that counts, but if I had received this as a gift the box would have led me to believe I was getting the Hope Diamond.
  • This is a lovely necklace. The thickness is perfect for a women, its not too thin or too thick. It sparkles quite well. I love it. This was what I could afford at the time, and I am not disappointed.
  • Better quality than I expected. My husband loves it and doesn’t take it off.

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