Buy Now Sodynee Pu Leather Jewelry Storage Organizer with Travel Case and Lock, Black/Cream

5 slide out drawers; 20 compartments;10 necklace hooks;3 large storage pouches;Fully lined in a cream color and finished in Black Pu leather;2 removable earring holders which hold up to 30 earrings (10 hanging, 20 posts); Twin fold out side compartments with snap closures. Great for hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other;Lock with a key ;Large mirror on top lid;removable mini travel jewelry box (shown at rear left of the jewelry box) that holds even more rings, necklaces,earrings and other jewelry. perfect for any trip!


  • Nice size, holds a lot, nice looking and sturdy enough.Your not gonna throw it around. With all of that said, I love mine : )
  • I now have two of this type of jewelry box, one for the real stuff and one for cosmetic jewelry. Don’t expect the lock to keep anyone out but it keeps things tidy when you put them in your safe. The portable mini box inside is really great for travel. The only drawback is that you cannot put very bulky (decorative) pieces like a huge pearl pendant anywhere except by removing the earring cards (they’re removable) on the top shelf. The box appears to be leatherette not real leather if that matters to you.
  • Love this but it’s a little stiff when pulling out the drawers. Overall, it serves its purpose with nice little compartments for everything and the best thing is the price. There are similar ones out there for so much money and this one is good and inexpensive.
  • I love it! wow! was i surprised with how much room there is – i didn’t want leather and researched a lot of pu leather jewelry cases – i’m glad i chose this one – i finally have all my jewelry in one place and i now can find what i’m looking for – no problems with either the exterior and interior and it arrived in a pink bag (cute!) – i like the different compartments and how they are designed – i like the look and feel of the case and highly recommend it

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