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Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. Amber is the lightest and warmest stone that exists, which makes it the most comfortable and attractive gem in jewelry. Amber is good to wear for any everyday life occasion.


  • These heart amber earrings are so beautiful. We gave the earrings and pendant to our daughter for Christmas. They were much more than I expected. She loves so beautiful as she wears her new amber jewelry. I am very pleased, I have purchased more amber jewelry from Amazon since this first purchase.
  • My Wife loved Them!
  • What can I say other than they are really beautiful and I think unique, I’m happy that I bought the large pendant & earrings together because I have to admit as soon as it arrived off came what jewelry I was wearing and on came the amber earrings and pendant. Very happy with the price and quality of the sellers items..
  • These earrings are absolutely gorgeous! High quality workmanship with gem quality stones. I was very impressed and it has become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry 🙂

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