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Opal Oval Stud Earrings


  • These have the gleam of sun on water and seem to hold the light within the stone. They give a lovely lightening to the face, especially in winter when we can all use some glow. These opals are on the pale side of the spectrum, but are not a dull color. The fire goes bluish to some red. The backs feel secure and feel comfortable. I like these a lot
  • These are lovely earrings! I looked at the corresponding “genuine opal” ones (these are “created” – not “real” opals) and these are much prettier, in my opinion. I bought them to wear with a genuine blue opal pendant that my son bought me straight from the opal mine site at Cooberpedie, but the color isn’t as blue as the real ones. Nevertheless I will wear these, and the ring I bought to go along with them, with pride and pleasure. Only an expert would be able to tell the difference — so don’t let the cat out of the bag 😉 !
  • Anyone who knows much about opals knows how hard it is to find a perfectly matched pair with such fire. They would be pretty expensive. Real opals are also very delicate, and it isn’t a good idea to wear them every day. But I won’t have that problem with these.
  • I bought these earrings for my mother’s birthday. Opal is her birthstone. She was very pleased with how brilliant and colorful they are. These earrings were also a very good value, compared to in-store equivalents.
  • Bought these for my sister. She loved them.
  • I loved everything about these opal earrings. Great quality for the price.

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