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Every Rembrandt Charm is a miniature work of art created by 40 skilled artisans. Each piece is stamped with the trademark “RQC” and metal quality mark. Sterling silver charms are plated with rhodium to prevent corrosion or tarnishing and to extend their life and beauty. Every piece comes with a heavy duty jump ring that may easily be twisted open or closed for TEMPORARY placement. It is recommended to have each charm soldered onto your bracelet by your local jeweler for permanent placement.


  • I buy from Amazon all the time, and I don’t write nearly enough reviews, I’m afraid. (Sorry, Amazon sellers!) But I have to tell you my short story. Last Christmas I bought my granddaughter a charm bracelet because, as a little girl, I’d always wanted one and had never had one. She loved it so much that she wanted to get one for her Mom (my daughter), which delighted me, so I helped of course. Finally, after 67 years, I splurged during the year and bought one for myself. Mine is to be a travel themed bracelet with charms from the places where I’ve been and/or to be collected from the places I travel. We got our bracelets from James Avery, but their collection of travel charms is extremely limited, and their Eiffel Tower is too small for an adult’s bracelet, in my opinion. However, I bought it with my bracelet… and have been disappointed. We are surprising my granddaughter with a trip to Paris (her dream) next year, so I’m going to give that small charm to her as part of the announcement. In the meantime, I was looking for larger charms for my daughter and me. Voila! These are so beautiful! Just the right size and gleaming! I love them! OK, that’s my story. If you’re looking for an Eiffel Tower charm, this is the one! Now I’m off to research more Rembrandt Charms. I need them for London, New York and Canada! Wish me luck!
  • While in Paris, we didn’t find an opportunity to shop for a charm for my bracelet, so was happy to find this when I got back. It is the perfect size, good quality, and I’m very pleased I got a “second chance” to purchase a remembrance of Paris!
  • So finely wrought that the charm appears to sparkle. No, there are no actual sparkly features on it, but the engraving is detailed and the finish is bright. Both dainty and sturdy enough to last forever. My granddaughter will love it.
  • This was a present to my French aunt. She was quite happy with this charm and is going to wear it around her neck, as she has a silver chain.
    Well worth the money and very pleasing to the eye.

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