Buy Now Women’s 999 Sterling Silver Flower Carved Cuff Bracelets 25g Weight for Wedding Gift

Wintersweet Pattern Crafted Silver Bangle
Wintersweet Language: facing difficulties directly without fear.
Great workmanship
Sterling silver
Elegant and pretty


  • This is more beautiful than I expected. It has good weight and does not feel cheap and the intricate details are just lovely. I had to widen the opening to get it on my wrist and then i tightened it so that the ends nearly meet. At this point, i have no intention of taking it off and have been wearing it to bed and showering. Sometimes i wear it alone, other times i wear along with my Pandora bracelet. Very happy with this purchase!!
    Update: Been wearing this bracelet nonstop since putting it on. Showering, washing dishes, scrubbing tubs, gardening and various other tasks…the bracelet remains beautiful and sturdy. I was afraid the ends would catch on things and get bent…NOPE! Still very happy with my purchase and impresses by the quality of this bracelet!
  • I was wanting a simple but noticeable bangle to wear in the hot weather. I’m so pleased with this bracelet because it is both. I hate flimsy jewelry. This is heavy for its size. It’s very shiny and noticeable and I have large, swollen wrists and hands from rheumatoid arthritis. Another plus for me is it slips in and off-no clasps to deal with. You do have to expand it a little to put it on each time, at least I do with my swelling. It shows no sign of breakage from doing so. Get it. Actually, it would be cool looking if you stack them up and buy multiples (if you can afford to do so). Get this bracelet. I love mine.
  • This turned out to be sturdier than I expected. It’s engraved inside and out. The only thing is once I had it on, I’m not sure I want to take it off, as I don’t want to bend it each time it goes on and off. I’m very happy with this bracelet.
  • Beautiful, heavy, good size.Not skimpy like some cuffs I’ve tried on. Closes completely around my wrist. Looks like a bangle. I usually order a 7 1/2″ bracelet. My wrists aren’t small. Love it!

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