Buy Now London Blue Topaz Bracelet Sterling Silver Pear Shape 6.75 Carats

London Blue Topaz, Midnight Blue Hue with Brilliant Sparkle. Bracelet is in .925 Sterling Silver and finished with Rhodium. Top Quality Craftsmanship. Exceptional Styling


  • This is a very stunning bracelet. Superb quality. No loose stones. It was an excellent purchase. I don’t often do positive reviews but this item was exceptional. It is difficult to fasten around your wrist without someone to help. No fault of the bracelet. Just difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, I’m double jointed & was able to invert my fingers enough to slip it over my hand fastened. But I have tiny hands & it is unlikely others could do the same unless your hands are also the size of a preteens. You’ll likely need help to fasten it. It has an excellent clasp to secure it. I did buy a similar amethyst bracelet without the CZ stones between. It was nowhere near as lovely as this bracelet. Also, the nearly identical style amethyst bracelet had rough edges on the inner side of the jewell mounts against the skin which abraded the wrist. This sapphire bracelet is nice & smooth against the skin & doesn’t cause the irritation as the similar style amethyst bracelet did. Plus the CZ stones really add to the beauty. There are also some very pretty matching earrings, pendant necklace & ring available quite inexpensively (under 40) with matching colored sapphires which compliment this bracelet. It creates a nice matched set. I highly recommend this bracelet. It is as beautiful as shown & you should be more than happy with it. It is quite stunning! If your girlfriend isn’t thrilled, find a new girlfriend.
  • Celebrating our 30th Valentines day I wanted to do something special for my bride of 30 years. Let me just say that she absolutely loves this bracelet to point of choosing outfits to match it instead of the other way around 🙂 She has a hard time putting it on herself but I don’t mind helping and not enough of an issue to hinder my 5 star review. Also bought a Topaz necklace and earrings (not from this supplier) to make it a set but they didn’t match all that well. Wife likes them all but the bracelet remains the stand out among them. Would be great if the supplier offer a matching set. You will like this one!.

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